Not long ago, a second rate poet, standing in the middle of a park in Burlington, Ontario, started shouting "We are temporal, but my words are indelible."
Three hours later, and still without an audience, the second rate poet got on his bike, went home, gathered his books, turned on his computer and created this website.

Welcome to the Poet's Pulpit!

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Poetry, by giving dignity and utterance to our distress, enables us to hope, makes compassion reasonable - Irving Layton

Poems, Legends and Letters
Author: McLean, Adele Peters
Category: Poetry
Publisher: The Musson Book Company
Condition: Very Good
Notes: About the book: Hardcover. No jacket. Book is in very good condition. Showing slight signs of splitting between pages 96 & 97 otherwise book is in excellent condition. Additional photos available upon request. We're not satisfied unless you are.
Price: $750.00
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