Poets. noun.
People who compose poetry.

Pulpit. noun.
A platform or raised structure from which the poem is recited.

Bookstore. noun.
A store where books are sold.

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Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. - Leonard Cohen

Governors Cottage (w/ "Some Notes on the Law Relating to Acts of Civil Status: 2nd Edition" Booklet)
Author: White, Walter S.
Category: Travel
Publisher: Self Published 1967
Condition: Very Good
Notes: About the book: Hardcover, no jacket, as issued. Book is in very good condition with previous owner's name inside first page. Tucked in back of book is a booklet called "Some Notes on the Law Relating to Acts of Civil Status: 2nd Edition" By the Chancellor of the Diocese of Montreal. Published in Montreal in 1945. Pen mark on front cover and long unknown inscription on back cover regarding the death of John Weir Ritchie in 1962. Inscription ends "...and was buried on the twenty third day of April in the same year in Christ Church Cemetery Sorel me." Value lies in booklet, not book, which appears to be readily available online. Additional photos available upon request.
Price: $157.50
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