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Author: Dann, Simon    Category: Poetry
Publisher: Self-Published 2005
Price:  $100.00
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Gilles Villeneuve: The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver
Author: Donaldson, Gerald    Category: Recreation & Sport
Publisher: McClelland and Stewart 1989
Price:  $50.00
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Typewritten Letter from Kenneth Koch to publisher/editor Don Allen
Author: Koch, Kenneth    Category: Other Merchandise
Publisher: Self-Published 1977
Price:  $300.00
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The History of Elderslie Township, 1851-1977
Author: Not Available    Category: Travel
Publisher: Elderslie Historical Society
Price:  $50.00
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Everything Is Illuminated (Russian Translation)
Author: Safron Foer, Jonathan    Category: Other Languages
Publisher: Mockba Ekcmo 2012
Price:  $250.00
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The First Summer People, The Thousand Islands 1650-1910 (Signed Copy)
Author: Weston Smith, Susan    Category: Travel
Publisher: Boston Mills Press 1991
Price:  $85.00
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