A Moment in Time

Written by Robert Whiteley

Poetry – Single Author |
Poet’s Pulpit Press | Trade Paperback | October 2004
$14.95 | 0-9736817-0-5 | 46 pages



Excerpt From A Moment in Time:

Little Words

Sitting on a marble bench in a cemetery
named Neruda,
with a wooden spade in my hand and rhyming couplets
clinging to the soles of my boots

I have said goodbye to so many memories tonight
I have said goodbye to old girlfriends,
burying them next to each other
beneath a freshly rooted apple tree
hoping the sound of metaphors dangling from the
blossoming branches will help them sleep

I have surrounded my jealous heart…

Influenced by poems he hasn’t read and poets he still hasn’t discovered, Robert Whiteley has written an evocative and unique series of interconnected love poems critics have labeled as “…poems with a sense of refrain and echo”

Robert Whiteley lives in the GTA.

A Moment in Time is his first book of poetry.

A Moment in Time is currently sold out.


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