Written by Robert Whiteley

Poetry – Single Author | Love Poems
Poet’s Pulpit Press | E-Book | September 2021
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Excerpt from Saudade:

93. Remember. Me.

don't believe the movies
your soul has no gender

don't believe the bended knee
your soul has no sin

don't believe the money lender
your soul has no value

don't believe the oracle
your soul has no direction

don't believe the government
your soul has no address

don't believe the rumours
your soul has no secret

don't believe the beggar's plea
your soul has no hunger

don't believe the sunset
your soul has no shadow

don't believe the sunrise
your soul has no light

don't believe the singer
your soul has no voice

don't believe the artist
your soul has no colour

don't believe the poet
your soul has no memory

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